Though yoga has been practiced for years in parts of the world; only in the last decade has it become very popular throughout the world. It has therapeutic and preventive health benefits. It keeps your body healthy.

Also, it takes care of your mind and soul.

Yoga is now accepted by the medical community as well. Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages including youngsters and the elderly. Here are the top yoga studios in Connecticut.

Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios

Most of the time parents cannot manage the time to go to yoga classes. If you are a parent, then you can join the Bloom Yoga Fitness Studio. The studio has a babysitting center. So, without any worries, you can do regular yoga classes there.

This studio offers 60 yoga classes every week. If you are a student then you can get a 30-day pass at a discounted rate.

This studio also offers a teacher training course. Along with yoga, it will provide nutrition and weight management services. They specialize in the Vin and Yin methods. Bloom Yoga Fitness Studio is a great choice for parents and those who want to become yoga instructors.

Balanced Yoga

You can do yoga of all levels at this studio. You will learn a healthier lifestyle by doing yoga classes here. The classes include both ‘gentle’ and ‘power plus’ programs. So, you can choose classes according to your fitness level. Special programs like ‘Tot Tuesday’ and ‘Baby Love’ are offered too. They offer a student package as well.

Yoga Space

Here you will get special yoga programs like Kundalini Yoga, musical Kripula Yoga, and others. Prenatal classes are also available for pregnant women. You will find classes for younger family members as well. So, your entire family can join this yoga studio and have a good time.

There are special age-related programs, including classes for the elderly and the younger members. So, you won’t feel stressed or do something that your body cannot take. For students, they offer special rates. Every week 25 regular yoga classes are held. Sometimes guest instructors are also invited to take classes.

By joining a yoga studio, you can find inner peach, reduce anxiety and stress. Daily yoga classes can reduce your blood pressure and prevent many diseases.