If you have finally decided to give yoga a try, then the first thing you must do is find a good yoga studio. If you are living in Connecticut you will find lots of good yoga studios.

However, the variety of yoga studios also makes it difficult to choose one. Here are some things you should consider before choosing a good yoga studio in Connecticut.


You should first look at the certification of the yoga studio. A certified studio will have good yoga instructors. They will have many years of experience. You can check out their website and find out more about them before visiting the studio. Also, find out what type of yoga they teach so that it matches your interest.

Class schedule

There is no point in joining a yoga studio if you can’t make it to the yoga classes regularly. So, you must make sure that the class schedule matches your lifestyle. They should have flexible hours so that you can accommodate yourself at your convenience.


The atmosphere of the yoga studio must be positive. It must encourage you to join the yoga classes regularly. You must feel comfortable moving around. It should give you a clean and peaceful impression. The classrooms must be equipped with essential props like blankets, mats, and other things.


Many yoga studios will give you good offers for joining their classes. These may include rental facilities so that you can rent the yoga mat and other things instead of buying them. They have lockers where you can keep your belongings safe during class hours. Compare the offerings of the different studios and then choose one.

Before making the final decision regarding the yoga studio, you must interact with the yoga instructor to see if you are comfortable. Once everything falls into place, you can pick up the yoga studio that matches your criteria.