When you join a yoga studio and start doing the classes, you will learn about various yoga poses. Some are easy and some are difficult. Here you will know about some of the most important yoga poses.

These are common in most yoga classes.

Mountain Pose

This is also known as Tadasana. It is the ideal standing alignment of the human body. It can save you from the asymmetrical habits of repetitive movements. This pose is very energizing and calming as well. This position improves the posture and deepens the breath. You can also feel that your feet, shoulders, and core has become stronger.

Forward Fold

Forward Fold, also known as Uttanasana, is a common yoga pose that you will do in the yoga classes. You can do it by sitting or laying on one side with the knees drawn in.

You must do this pose carefully; otherwise, it might cause injury to your back and hip. It makes your spine flexible and allows better blood flow. It also calms down the nervous system.


Lunge or Anjaneyasana is a position that will make you feel great. This position will strengthen your hips and hip flexors. It will also make your back and arms strong, so you will feel comfortable in your regular movements.


Plank or Phalakasana is a position where you need to keep balance using your arms. This pose will strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders, core, and ankles. It is easy to perform and you will come across this posture a lot of times in your yoga classes.

These are the most important and common yoga poses that you will come across in your yoga classes. You need to make sure that you try out these poses carefully so that you don’t get injured.