Yoga is very effective to keep the body, mind, and soul balanced. People have been practicing yoga for many years and they have gotten huge benefits from it. Many people today prefer doing yoga to other exercises.

There are many yoga studios in Connecticut and other places. The yoga classes can sometimes be intense. After coming home, you can play yoga-themed slots to relax and still be in the right mood. Here are some slots you can try.


It is a very graphic-rich game and includes all the elements of yoga. It is a very popular game based on yoga and you will find it in most of the online casinos like It is a 5-reel game with RTP of 95.59%. There are various bonus rounds which will give you more opportunity to win. The game has the free spin feature as well.

7 Chakras

The game is based on the seven chakras that align your body. You can earn a lot of money playing this game as there are many bonuses and free spins. Meditative music is played in the background and you will have a calming effect playing the game.

Namaste Slot Machine

Imagine meditating on the Taj Mahal; what better can you ask for? You can experience meditating on the Taj Mahal by playing this slot. This game is free and you won’t need to register to any site. If you play on your mobile, you don’t need to download it also.

It offers a jackpot worth $20,000. You will find different yoga poses as symbols. The graphics are excellent and you will have a relaxing experience playing the game.

These slot games will help you to stay positive and calm. Your happy hormones will be released, and you will feel very relaxed.