Tips for Reducing Your Stress

Life has become very hectic nowadays. People have to deal with a lot of stress every day. Unless you relieve your stress, it will affect your health negatively. Here are some stress-relieving tips you can try. Go for a walk Exercise can release your stress fast and walking is the best type of exercise. You […]

3 Yoga-Themed Slots You Can Play After Yoga Classes

Yoga is very effective to keep the body, mind, and soul balanced. People have been practicing yoga for many years and they have gotten huge benefits from it. Many people today prefer doing yoga to other exercises. There are many yoga studios in Connecticut and other places. The yoga classes can sometimes be intense. After […]

How to Get Prepared for a Yoga Class

Taking yoga classes in a well-reputed yoga studio can be a very exciting and motivating step indeed. If you have made that decision, then you are about to bring some positive changes into your life and stay healthy. You need to make some preparations before going to your yoga classes so that you can make […]

How to Choose a Good Yoga Studio in Connecticut

If you have finally decided to give yoga a try, then the first thing you must do is find a good yoga studio. If you are living in Connecticut you will find lots of good yoga studios. However, the variety of yoga studios also makes it difficult to choose one. Here are some things you […]

Some Important Yoga Poses You Will Learn in Your Yoga Class

When you join a yoga studio and start doing the classes, you will learn about various yoga poses. Some are easy and some are difficult. Here you will know about some of the most important yoga poses. These are common in most yoga classes. Mountain Pose This is also known as Tadasana. It is the […]

Top 3 Yoga Studios in Connecticut

Though yoga has been practiced for years in parts of the world; only in the last decade has it become very popular throughout the world. It has therapeutic and preventive health benefits. It keeps your body healthy. Also, it takes care of your mind and soul. Yoga is now accepted by the medical community as […]